Deciding on a Digital Marketing Strategy

When an enquiry lands in our mailbox at Let’s Go Media it’s our job as a digital marketing agency to assess a potential client’s business needs to best curate our service offering. Often, businesses have heard of “buzz” industry terms and ask us about these digital marketing services, without completely understanding the specific types of results that these activities can yield. While all of these can contribute to the overall digital marketing success of your business, specific services are best suited to business objectives. So, lets discuss the different success metrics for your business and what services we’d recommend for you to kickstart your 2020 with or stay lean with regards to your marketing budget.

Lead Generation:

Need leads for your service-related business, that special warm introduction that allows you to connect with your customers and build a relationship with them? This form of inbound marketing (getting potential clients to make the first move) can result in phone calls, forms or email contact with your business. Digital Marketing services allow you to pre-qualify these potential clients through keyword intent marketing or demographic targeting with your aim to get your services, unique selling proposal and company portfolio in front of the audience most likely to convert.

Types of Businesses Suited: Service-Related Industries, Quotation based invoicing, Sales that require customer service or account management.

Marketing Activities recommended: Google Search Ads, Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Paid Advertising (Lead Forms), Google Call Ads,

Direct Sales:

Have an e-commerce business and struggling to get the online sales you feel your products need? Struggling to reach those potential customers? Price, Convenience & Quality of products and services are the key metrics to conversions and increased revenue. If you’ve got the same products for a better price, better products at a related market price or an amazing online store that stocks a variety of products in an audience niche, you’ll need to get those products in front of your demographics through search intent and interest marketing channels.

Types of Business Suited: E-commerce sites, full sales cycle digital platforms.

Marketing Activities recommended: Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Shopping Ads, Instagram Shopping Ads, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Retargeting,

Brand Awareness:

Got a brand-new website or business venture, or a new type of product to the market that potential customers don’t even know that they want? Brand/product awareness marketing focuses on introducing your products and services to a market, reminding them of your offering they may have seen before or indicating a sale that they shouldn’t miss. Display advertising succeeds in this endeavor with businesses aiming to get their brands visible where people spend most of their time online.

Types of Business Suited: Launches into new markets, New Businesses, Sales & Special Offers

Marketing Activities recommended: Google Display Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Retargeting.

So, what services do you need for your business to achieve success in the new year? How can we help you achieve this in the coming 6-12 months? We know each business is different & we aim to find out exactly what your business needs before providing you with a digital strategy. Make sure you know exactly what you need and how to achieve it!

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